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How to Make Origami Presents

The Japanese are able to create exquisite shapes and figures from folding plain pieces of paper using a technique called origami. Employ this technique to make a gift box for your child to hold a party favor for her birthday party. The origami can be done beforehand or in front of the child and she

Easy Right Now Yarn Crafts

Craft making can serve as a source of fun and entertainment. On a day when your kids are complaining about being bored, quickly put an end to their complaints by engaging them in easy-to-make craft activities. Pull out some yarn and a few other supplies, and you and your kids can enjoy making some o

How to Make Natural Perfume Without Alcohol

Many commercial perfumes list alcohol as a main ingredient, which can be drying and unpleasant on the skin. However, natural, alcohol-free perfumes can be made quite easily at home. Many recipes include the use of fragrance, essential and carrier oils. Supplies can be purchased online and at special

How to Make Viking Bead Strings

The Vikings were a bead-mad people; they loved beads. Many kinds of beads have been found in Viking women’s graves: glass, amber, jet, carnelian, silver, rock crystal, garnet, amethyst, gold and bronze. More rarely, beads carved from bone or antler were found. The Vikings liked mixing colors,

Stippling Art Ideas

"Stippling" is an art form that involves using tiny, closely-placed dots to create an image. Some artists choose to freehand stipple, while others line-sketch an image on tracing paper and then use the line drawing as a guide for artistically applying dots. Stippling art ideas typically include a va

Directions on Different Ways to Crochet Friendship Necklaces

Friends often exchange friendship necklaces as a symbol of their affection for one another. The necklaces are small, colorful and relatively easy to make, meaning friends of all ages and skill levels can exchange them. Being handmade makes them a personal, thoughtful gift, especially if friends take

How to Make Easy Paper Mache Masks

Papier-mache masks are a festive accessory for any occasion, including birthdays, Halloween or Fourth of July celebrations. The decorative masks can be worn, or strategically placed indoors and/or outdoors to accent any party theme. Remember to plan accordingly, as the process of making papier-mache

How to Make a Christmas Coffee-Lid Yarn Wreath

An everyday plastic coffee-can lid becomes an inexpensive Christmas wreath or ornament by adding green yarn and red beads. This craft is simple enough for young children to do at home or as a classroom arts and crafts project. Start saving coffee-can lids well before the holidays. For a classroom pr

How to Make Decorative Gloves

Most people have at least one pair of gloves in their closet. Woolen gloves protect us from cold weather, rubber gloves from dishwashing soap or harsh cleaning products; and leather gardening gloves from scratches. Decorative gloves only have to look great. You can use fabrics such as stretch lace,

Basic Woodturning Skills to Get Your Craft Started

Woodturning is a very nice hobby. It is just so great to take a piece of old wood from nature, cut away particles of the wood, then watch the wood grain take a different shape and ultimately make an a

How to Silk-Screen on a Small Frame

Silk-screening can be a fun and unique way to apply a wide range of designs to a number of clothing items at a reasonable cost. Screen-printing can be done on a large scale for commercial use, or in a smaller setting in the home or a community organization. Learning how to silk-screen on small frame

How to Make Spring Loaded Snakes

One of the most classic pranks you can pull is to scare your friends with a spring loaded snake. The target of the prank opens up a can that has a misleading title like "nuts" or "jelly beans" on the outside. When opened, a spring loaded snake flies into the face of the unsuspecting victim, scaring

Bronze Sculpture For Sale

Bronze has nice price in the art world of sculptures. When setting in a mold, bronze will slightly expand and fill in the finest details. Many extraordinary bronze sculpture statues have been created throughout history; but due to the strength of bronze most haven't been allowed to survive. Far

How to Make a Cuffless Beanie

Beanies are brimless caps, usually made from felted wool. The original intention for beanies was to keep the heads of boys and young men warm. While they still serve this initial purpose quite well, they have also become fun and fashionable. Now men, women and girls wear beanies, too. Learn how to m

What Causes Fireworks to Have Different Colors?

Fireworks give off certain colors according to their ingredients. Fireworks consist of a combination of chemicals, metals and combustion powder to render explosions or reactions that produce light energy. It begins on the atomic level, when atoms receive high pressure concussions, and try to return

How to Make Jewelry From Trellis Yarn

Trellis Yarn is a ladder yarn available in an array of colors and patterns. This versatile yarn makes interesting variations for your projects. The vibrant colors are useful when making different types of jewelry. These jewelry projects can use beading, crocheting or even knitting techniques. These

How to Create a Photo Flick

Picture Trail's Photo Flick applications enable you to create elaborate slideshows and presentations without having to install any software. You can use the Web-based application's templates and transitions to enhance your photo flicks and stock your presentation with just about any photo on your co

How to Apply a Rhinestone Heat Transfer

Rhinestones can be used to add sparkle and glamour to shirts, handbags and accessories. Rhinestone transfers come in ready-made designs such as princess crowns or hearts, as printed words and in strips. Strips of rhinestones can be cut to create trim, underline words or embellish straps. Rhinestones