Seo New Years Resolutions: Social Media

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Social media has had an indirect effect on SEO for some time now. Last fall, I gave apresentation on how social media affects SEO. Engagement in social media can cultivate inbound links to your website that are valuable for search engine rankings- as well as provide real-time content that can appear in search engine listings.

These effects still hold true today. However,nowsocial media is becoming even more of a ranking factor. Tad Miller recently wrote a greatsummary of the social influence metricswhich the search engines claim to be examining more closely when ranking content.

In a December interview with Danny Sullivan,Google acknowledged using certain social signalsin its organic web search results ranking algorithms. To be more specific, content which is linked to heavily by authoritative Twitter users gets a boost in the ranking algorithm.

So you can see how now is definitelyTHEtime to become active in social media if youre not already.


1. Social Platforms To Establish For Your Company- The big three to be sure youve got covered areTwitter,Facebook, andLinkedIn. However, that may change as other platforms become more widely used.

2. Social Media Policy- Who will be engaging in social media on behalf of the company? Keep in mind that the more tweeters you have, the less the burden of producing content will rest on the shoulders of just one person. If you decide to have many (or all) of your employees pitch in, be sure to establish a social media policy. It should outline the type of comments that are allowed when representing the company.

3. What To Say- Now that your social media profiles are out there, what do you have to offer? Sharing content is a great idea. Offer links to any number of digital assets you may have available (white papers, blog posts, articles, webinars, etc.) Be sure to share special promotions. But it is generally agreed upon that you shouldnt just plug your own contentall the time.Re-tweet great content from other sources as well. Share special promotions. Show your human side every once in a while, too. Remember that the goal is to draw in a group of followers who are members of your target audience; attract them by offering the information theyre looking for.

4. How To Listen- The other half of social media engagement islisteningandrespondingto what other people say to you and about you on social media platforms. Youll definitely need to track mentions of your Twitter handle (TweetDeckis great for this). And monitor your mentions and comments on Facebook and LinkedIn as well. When someone asks you a question, answer them. When someone complains, be prepared to respond appropriately. You might also want to monitor popular topics that are relevant to your business so that you can join important industry conversations. Do the research to find out whichhashtagsare popular, and track them.

Its obvious that social media engagement can be a source of new traffic to your website, a channel for disseminating information to your target market, and a tool for listening to that market. But by becoming active in your social media community, youll begin the process of becoming an authoritative player and cultivating valuable links for SEO as well.
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