The NPN Review

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The NPN is an online network marketing program that has been around since 2005.
I joined the program shortly after that and have been very impressed at what it has to offer and how they work.
For those who are considering joining this program, I trust you find the information in this article useful.
The NPN Products In my opinion, a business that has no products is obviously a scam and yet a number of scams actually do exist like that but NPN is no scam and the product suite is unbelievable considering the low starting price! The NPN's products are all in the internet marketing niche and include tools such as banner rotators, email blasters and autoresponder systems, capture page creators, and depending on the level you join at you can even get website hosting through The NPN.
The NPN Commission System The NPN works on a 5x5 matrix system where you get commissions based on the membership level you join up at and the membership level that your downline join up at.
In addition to this you can get 100% matching bonuses and commissions on your downline five levels deep.
If you join up at the pro level for $10.
75 per month and you sign someone up for this $10.
75 then you get $5 commission which means that after just two referrals you are already in profit.
The higher the level you sign up at, the higher your maximum possible commission from referrals up to $150 per member per month if you and your downline are signed up at the highest level.
The Referral Distribution System Another unique concept you find in this program is their unique referral distribution link which you can use to place members under your downline.
What this link does is search for the weakest spot in your downline and then place your new sign-up under that person.
This helps everyone - it helps the weak person in your downline get sign ups that they earn commission on which means that they are more likely to stay in the program and so keep earning you money.
The Ladder System The maximum commissions you are able to earn as well as the products available to you in your back office will depend on the level you join at.
This is known as the ladder system.
Join at a level you are comfortable with maintaining and then as you refer more people and so bring in more commissions you will be able to upgrade your membership.
The NPN is a network marketing program in the internet marketing niche with a good track record since 2005, good products, and unique tools such as the referral distribution system.
You can join for as little as $10.
75 per month with the possibility of upgrading your membership for more products and more commissions.
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