Using Software And The Best Article Submission Sites Equals Success

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Article marketing has become a very popular way to build traffic, create backlinks, and increase income.
Submitting a few articles to a few sites will not bring you much success.
However, by using specialized article submission software, you can submit articles to hundreds of directories in a relatively short time.
To do this kind of volume manually would take several weeks.
This software does the job in an hour or so.
I submit several articles a day to the best article submission sites.
These are the largest sites with good Page Rank numbers.
I would not be able to do this if it weren't for the submission software.
It makes the process semi-automatic.
I still have to be here at the computer to enter the category and a few other bits of information.
But I wouldn't be nearly as productive or successful without the software.
Article marketing is the mainstay of my marketing strategy.
As I mentioned, I submit multiple articles each day to the best article submission sites.
This technique provides many benefits.
I get numerous backlinks every day.
Because I only submit to the largest sites, I see regular Page Rank improvement over time to my various sites.
This has the added benefit of moving my site higher in search engine rankings.
In addition, I get lots of traffic coming to my site each day from people who read my articles and then click on my links.
If you are using this technique, it is very important to have a good resource box.
In each of my articles, I include a link that points to my squeeze page.
This permits my list to continually grow at a very nice pace.
In addition, I include one or two links directing traffic to one of my products or an affiliate product that I like.
This pays a few of the bills.
This is a great strategy if you are just starting out and want to minimize your expenses.
You can submit as many articles as you like and the cost is always the same, ZERO! It doesn't cost you anything except the initial cost of the software.
And, there is some submission software that you can get absolutely free.
This strategy only works if you submit articles on a regular basis.
In fact, to maximize the effectiveness of your article marketing campaign, it is necessary to submit articles to The Best Article Submission Sites every day.
So, don't just sit there, start writing, then submit, then write again! Oh yea, one thing more, keep some time available so that you have time to spend some of that hard earned cash! Do you want to learn more about how I make money? I have just completed a Free Internet marketing book entitled, How To Make Money Every Day!
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