Learn To Make Money Online - 3 Things You Need Look At When Researching Your Niche

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The first step you need to take when you learn to make money online is to choose a profitable niche in which to work.
Once you have made a choice of niche,the next step is to carry out some research on that niche.
You need to invest some time and effort when you do this part of setting up an internet business, as your aim is to become an expert in whatever area you will be serving people online.
To become known as a leader, you will have to study your niche and find out things like what words your future community are using when they go online and search for the information they want.
You need to find out what services and products are on sale, and who are the key influencers workingin the niche.
People today use the internet like a digital encyclopaedia.
When I was a child our family had a couple of sets of encyclopedias which we would bring down from the shelf and delve into when we needed to find out some information for a project for school.
We would also visit our school library and search the books there.
These days my sons use the internet to find out information they need.
When they use the internet,they use keyword phrases to type into the search bar.
Certain words are used more oftenthan others by the people in a specific niche.
As these words are more popular, website owners who are working in that niche will use them more often in their content and so be able to target their audience that way.
So, when you start to learn to make money online you must do some keyword research to discover the keyword phrases which are being used in your niche.
Use the free Google keyword tool to find your keywords and then list them for use in your online marketing.
Try to find keywords that people would use if they were ready to make a purchase from you, rather than ones they'd use when just looking for general information.
Keyword phrases that have three or more words in them are generally better ones for you to use than ones with only one or two words.
To discover what is being sold in your niche in the way of products and services, do a search using one of those keywords you discovered from your research.
Then work you way through the first page or so of results.
Look at the paid advertisements at the top of, and to the right side of the results pages.
Click on them and find out what those sites are selling.
Then move down to the organic search results.
Make notes on the services and products that these websites are offering.
It will give you ideas and inspiration of what you can do, and how you might offer something a little different.
When you are searching through the search engine results pages make a note of the people who are working in the niche.
Observe and study them to give youideas of how you might work in this niche too.
See if you can pick up on something that they have left out, or a gap that you can fill in this niche.
Once you have some names of the key influencers you could then follow them on the social media sites, connect with them and their community who follow them.
When you learn to make money online you are serving a community of people who are interested in a specific topic.
It helps to engage them to find out what their problems are so you can help solve them.
So, there are three areas in which you can begin to do some research in order to better know your niche and the problems they are facing.
Find out the words they are using, what is for sale and who are the key influencers in the market.
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