Is The Art Of Selling Inbred Or A Skill That Can Be Learned?

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In these days following economic decline and austerity the ability for companies to sell their products becomes of paramount importance because this is the bedrock of company growth and hence profits.

The drastic downturn in world demand for products and services as recession sapped the strength of all but the most robust of traders sent many companies of previously high repute to the wall leaving a void of supply to meet a demand that was so weak that rushing to plug the gap was to no companies priority.

But now as the first glimmer of light begins to appear in the distance of the economic tunnel, demand is slowly strengthening and with it increases the potential benefit of companies finding ways to satisfy the markets need and thus take a position of prominence as this small but growing ripple of post recession optimism hopefully becomes a rising tide of new demand.

So at this stage of economic evolution all eyes pass to the company sales force with hope anew that their efforts and success can outstrip that of their competitors and drive the business forward into a pole position in the marketplace in order to reap the benefits of new order growth in this bright fresh dawn of opportunity.

Therefore in this stage of the economic cycle sales people with skill and ability become a premium asset, but what makes such a salesperson shine?

Are successful salesmen and women born to success, do they have it in their genes, are buyers naturally drawn to buy from certain people and not from others, or are the skills learnt and more finely honed in the golden sales men and women of the day?

There can be no doubt that a level of social skills and personality assets can be attributed to parental history and the nature of upbringing that moulded the salespersons personable characteristics.

In some industries a level of education must also come to the fore creating a suitability to absorb the inherent principals of complex aspects or features of a particular product or process, yet in other markets a total lack of education has demonstrated sales success, so this factor alone cannot be taken as a precursor of a salespersons prerequisites.

It is our belief that given the essential level of personality skills required to "Bond" with the buying characteristics of a particular sales industry the skills that create a great salesperson are thereafter "Learnt".

Selling is an art that creates an environment where a buyer can describe what is wanted to purchase and then allowing the salesperson the opportunity to describe and convince as to why these needs can best be fulfilled by the salespersons company.
This "art" is not mere nature given but is created by the salesperson using a learnt knowledge of the particular industry in question, plus injecting salient factors such as specialist company skills attributable to the task and an experience based awareness of competitor abilities or threats and how to combat them.

The successful salesperson will in effect have "Learnt their trade".

They will understand the principles of business by which their industry works and they will be aware of the core features that will drive the buyer to purchase from them instead of others.

Therefore it is our belief that the art of selling is not inbred, but must be learned before a salesperson can become truly and consistently successful.

Hobson Tarrant
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