Some Great SEO Marketing Tips to Get Your Online Business Going

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Online marketing is a way to reach out to a wider customer base, a way to get your business the accolades and the visibility it deserves and a way to earn all those profits that you might not have ever dreamt of, if you were stuck doing business only in the real world.
In this article we have brought some great online marketing tips to make sure that your online business stays visible and does great business despite the presence of your competitors! Here they are: Using Site-wide Links The use of site-wide links needs to be avoided.
They may have held importance before but are highly deprecated according to the latest algorithm changes.
Rather than doing any good, they may get you penalised.
In order to play safe, we recommend that you make use of no more than 1 site-wide link for 40 to 50 unique links from an equal number of domains.
Using Title and Meta-Description Tags Make use of use both these tags wisely.
These tags are a great way to avoid supplemental pages.
In addition, you need to develop the content of each page with a unique title and description.
Don't use the tags more than 20% to 25% in all pages.
In addition to all that's mentioned above, limit the number of characters to around 8-10 in the title tag and include the most relevant ones in the beginning.
Using H tags Ideally, H1, H2, H3..
Tags need to be included at the top of the pages of your site.
Using News and Posts News and posts are important and will be considered by big search engines like Google but don't include it for the sake of SEO.
Remember that Google's duplicate content filtering techniques are constantly evolving.
Do not look at short term gains.
Innovation is the key! Ideating The best thing to do before you sit down to optimise your website for Search Engine marketing is to collect ideas.
Keep a pen and paper handy and note down everything that you can think of.
At the end of the day, you'll be surprised at the number of things you were able to think of.
Old Versus new Domain It's better to use a 5 year old domain and spend some amount of money on the website designing and optimisation work rather than spending money on buying a new domain and spending a lot of money on building up new sites from the scratch.
In your domain, try and build a number of marketing websites that revolve around your niche website.
By more websites, we don't mean developing scraper websites.
Don't waste your efforts on such websites; instead build some with relevant content.
Lastly, do not ignore the image search functions.
Image search engines may sometimes get you better traffic than regular searches.
As far as the technical specifications were concerned we've mentioned everything necessary for a successful online marketing campaign in brief.
We hope you'll use this information to the best of your ability.
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