Why the Internet is an Entrepreneurs" Dream

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Not long ago, a vacation that entailed travelling across much of the U.
helped me reflect a bit about my Internet business, and reminded me of the powerful advantages of doing business online.
Let's consider just a few of them...
1) Generate Multiple, Self-Sustaining Income Streams The Internet allows you to generate multiple streams of income that are more or less on autopilot; an advantage which most types of businesses (and jobs) simply don't offer.
While I was on vacation, my online business continued to generate paid orders on auto-pilot.
2) Internet Businesses are Portable As I tossed around the possibility of relocating to the beautiful countryside area that I visited on vacation, I was reminded how most people are geographically tied to their jobs.
Unfortunately, where most people live is largely dictated by where they work.
And if they don't live near their jobs, lots of commuting is required, a major headache.
However, if you earn your income online, you have the flexibility of living and working most anywhere that you want, as long as you have Internet access.
There aren't many businesses or jobs that give such freedom to choose where you live.
Since you can operate an online business from home, your commute to work may involve nothing more than a leisurely stroll from your breakfast table to your desktop computer.
No traffic hassles, office politics, or related headaches.
3) Low Startup and Overhead Expenses Low startup and overhead expenses mean low risk.
If you try opening a retail store, manufacturing plant or other offline business, chances are you'll need several thousand dollars just to open your doors, let alone pay the monthly bills.
Not so with an Internet business, which you can start, build, promote and maintain on a shoestring budget.
My basic business expenses include web hosting, Internet access, and a few odds and ends totalling well under $200 a month, yet my web sites generate six-figures yearly.
4) Tremendous Marketing Reach Of course, one of the greatest advantages of the Internet is the ability to reach huge numbers of prospects for our products and services.
And I'm talking about ethically reaching prospects who are interested in what we have to offer; NOT about sending unsolicited email, or spam, that most of us love to hate.
The Internet is one of the greatest breakthroughs in communication since the printing press, and at the same less expensive and more versatile than virtually any other marketing method.
Estimates on the number of existing Internet users are staggering, not to mention new users who sign on daily.
I could go on and on about the various advantages of an online business, but you get the point.
If you've been thinking about starting your own Internet venture, keep the above advantages in mind.
They are just a few of many that make the Internet an entrepreneurs' dream.
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