Witch Costume Tips

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Witch costumes are staple outfits for Halloween parties.
However, the concept of witch costumes has undergone several changes.
Although witches have a negative connotation attached to their role, you can now dress up as a sweet and sexy, or even naughty witch.
You can also experiment with several innovative designs, furnishing a bolder and sassier appearance.
Witch Costume: Suggestions for the Right Kind of Apparel One can dress up as an enchantress or a vicious witch or can even experiment with the sexy, attractive and funny look by donning the Pumpkin Witch costume.
All it takes is a little naughty imagination to become a mistress of magic.
* Enchantress: To be a tempting enchantress, you can wear a halter pink and black mini dress with ruffles in the waist area.
Use some ribbons in the front of the dress to lend that ultimate feminine, mischievous and sexy look.
* Vicious witch: Such a costume needs a combination of two colors, perhaps a flaming orange or red and black, the traditional color of a witch habit.
A black and red mini dress with black boots would provide the desired look.
Alternatively, an off-shoulder lace top matched with a ruffled skirt, both with tinges of orange would suit the role.
This costume can be set off with black and orange stripped socks and black heels.
* Attractively-funny witch: This costume would require an off-shoulder mini dress with orange ribbons and a pumpkin drawn on the lower part of the dress to add humor.
A pair of black and orange stockings would match the outfit perfectly.
Witch Costume: Accessories Well, you could go to the extent of getting a black cat, but some of the more essential accessories of a witch costume include: Conical hat: A witch costume would be incomplete without this.
The conventional design is a hat with a large brim.
However, you can design it the way you want.
Just ensure that it is conical in shape and matches the color of your costume.
Broomstick: Flying around on broomsticks is another favorite occupation of a witch, apart from making magic portion and casting spells.
So, pick up an old broomstick, clean it up, add a ribbon or two to match the color of the dress and become a witch!
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