Five Easy Tips to Help Build Your Email List

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Okay, so you want to market to your email list...
but wait - you don't really have one yet.
You can easily start to build an email list by placing a small subscription sign-up form on your home page and asking for subscriber email addresses in exchange for your e-newsletter.
But hold on a second, who needs another e-newsletter? You need to sweeten the deal by giving away something for free.
Tip 1: Give away something for free.
Everyone likes to get something for nothing.
Giving away a free e-book or report is a great way to prompt someone to sign up for your email or e-newsletter list.
Offer your visitors a free download of a special report or e-book that is targeted to them...
something that makes them handover their email addresses in exchange for your valuable free information product.
Say something such as, "Grab your free Copywriter's Success Report (a $39.
95 value.
) when you subscribe to the free New Copywriters e-newsletter!" Now that you've got a free offer, here are some more tips to help you promote it and continue to build your email list: Tip 2: Promote your free offer in your sig line.
Use your sig line, also known as a signature line, to promote your free offer.
Your sig line is what you put after your name on your email messages.
You should put your name, contact phone number, email address, website address and then a sentence about your free offer.
Don't get carried away with your sig line.
If it is too long, it can be frustrating for the reader.
Example: Jane Doe, SEO Expert Phone Email address For a copy of my free report, "Mastering SEO Basics", visit: yourwebsitename.
com Tip 3: Post a free ad on Craigslist.
Promote your free offer by posting an ad on Craigslist.
It is a high traffic site and you can use this to your advantage.
Post an ad telling visitors to claim their free report by visiting your website.
Post your free ad under large city categories for maximum results.
Tip 4: Promote your free offer in your e-newsletter.
Place a blurb about your free offer in your e-newsletter.
If the recipient forwards your e-newsletter to a colleague or friend, this is another way to get the word out about your offer and potentially add to your list.
Tip 5: Promote your online free offer on your offline business card.
Print a blurb about your special giveaway or free offer on the back of your business cards.
When you hand out your business card, your offer is on the back and gets carried around with the recipient.
Even if they hand the card over to someone else...
it gets the word out.
Example: Want to learn more about SEO? Download a free copy of this informative report, "Mastering SEO Basics", at: yourwebsitename.
com You can easily increase your email list even if you choose two or three of these tips and put them into practice.
These are just a few no-cost, low-cost ways to help build your email list, your business and ultimately make sales.
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