Xocai Reviews - Read This First Before Starting In Xocai Chocolate

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Xocai reviews can be found all over the internet but how can you determine if it is a good business opportunity for you to join? How can you know if you will be successful? How will you generate enough leads so that you can actually be successful in your healthy chocolate business? Regardless of how good or bad a business opportunity seems, there are TWO things you need to do well when you work at home in a home based business.
I'll get to those a little later but let's do a quick review of Xocai to determine at a company level if it's right for you.
Company: Xocai is a division of MXI Corp that is based out of Reno, NV.
The company produces several healthy chocolate products through a distributor network, also known as network marketing.
At the time of this article, Xocai is privately owned and debt free.
No questionable past was found for any of the owners or leadership.
Product: The Company produces a line of chocolate health products that are made primarily from unprocessed cacao and acai berry to produce an un-matched level of antioxidant support.
Antioxidants and their ability to fight off free radicals to support anti-aging is a growing trend that will only get bigger.
Compensation Plan: The Xocai business opportunity contains a binary compensation plan with a payout of up to 50% on commission volume paid in infinity bonuses, matching bonuses, leadership pools, and more.
I dug a little deeper and found an interesting fact.
In Xocai, every $1 of product sold generates 1 PV (Point Volume) in commission volume.
This is VERY RARE in a network marketing opportunity.
Because Xocai puts 1 PV for every $1 in sales, this tells me there isn't any trickery going on in the compensation plan and the owners designed it this way to set their company apart from competing opportunities.
Your Success Rating: An overview of the facts show that Xocai Chocolate is a sound opportunity with a product that everyone loves.
Who doesn't like chocolate, right? When you find a solid company, a compelling product (healthy chocolate that tastes good), and a compensation plan that actually does pay 50% to the field for every $1 sold...
I would rate this as an excellent opportunity.
However, even with an excellent company and product behind you, it's important to understand that you can get into the Xocai Chocolate business and not be successful.
How can you explode your Xocai business? As stated earlier, there are TWO things you need to do well in any network marketing opportunity that will generate leads for your business.
1) Give VALUE to prospects and business associates around you so they can duplicate and implement your success.
2) Learn how to set up a marketing funnel, generate leads and drive TARGETED traffic to your funnel to generate more leads, more sales and more profit for your Xocai business.
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