The World Wide Fashion Industry for Both Men and Women

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The world we live in is composed of male and female. For a long, the competition between them has never stopped, in any aspect. Especially, women ask for equal social status with men, and equal opportunities in employment. And in some degree, women win. Nowadays, we see a lot of women in different working places and occasions. Sometimes, they play a more important role than the men do. Then here comes a question that has men ever asked for equal chances in fashion?

It seems that there are many designed events for females to attend, for example, the boutiques, known as the "female beauty parlor". In boutiques, females have a lot of fashionable, stylish and trendy dresses. On the contrary, men always wear suits. We could not help wondering that are men out of fashion world?

Of course not, males, as the main social subjects, have the right to pursue fashion and learn how to dress in a fashionable and charming way. Men should be conscious about the fact that their looks affect their lives and workings. Fortunately, more and more men are aware of the fact and there are an increasing number of fashion industries starts, or have started male clothing designation and production. Even that, as women have their own specific things in fashion industry like Mehndi Design, there are men's specific fashion brands.

Besides, fashion industries have also paid attention to fashion accessories designation and production for men. From belts to perfumes, bracelets to sunglasses, men have various choices in fashion accessories to accentuate their personality and charm.

As it known to all that a woman who dresses beautifully and elegantly are more likely to be welcomed in lives and works. It is also a truth for men. Things are totally different in the 21st century from the era in 1960s and 1970s. Fashion has been a key word for both men and women. This season, for fashion male clothing, although bright colors are still proving to be a popular choice, patterns are another choices to enrich their collections. And one of the biggest pattern trends proving to be extremely popular is the return of strips. Breton strip and nautical inspired pieces are the classical ones, but strips are being adopted in more varied ways, such as pinstripe, regatta and humbug, etc...

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