Making That Customer - Tailor Relationship Work

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Clothes are what define a person. The way you choose the type of clothes you wear and the way you mix and match tell who you are. However, choosing from clothes that are ready to wear may not be easy to everybody. Custom made clothes would be a great option.
There are many ways to consider if you are purchasing custom made clothes. These considerations include your relationship with your tailor. So should you decide to have your clothes custom made, whether you're a local or lives overseas, then you have to know the secret to making that customer - tailor relationship work.
There are two things to rely on.

Communication - Talk lots to the tailor you are considering. Phone calls, email, text, skype, pay a visit to the shop - whatever you want. The more dialogue you have before you even hand your money and say it's good to go, the more you get a sense of how professional and trustworthy that person is. On the other side, the tailor will also know your desires and experience. Like what I said, what you wear defines you. So if your preferred tailor gets to know you, I'm pretty sure she or he will know what clothes you wear. So build a relationship based on time and trust. Exchange ideas, ask questions, evaluate each other and understand each other's side. If you need to walk away and look for someone you're more comfortable doing business with - don't be afraid. There are always lots of tailors out there.

Trust - Find someone that's easy to put your trust with. I couldn't stress any further how important it is to look for reviews! However be it long term or short term, you really have to learn to trust that he or she will do her job well. Don't be paranoid and fearful though! If you have found a really good one, don't let go easily, keep them and don't jump from one tailor to another. When you observe in a long run how they work, and have them do more custom made clothing for you, overtime, they will easily get a glimpse of what your taste and expectations is and vice versa you are to with them. We have a tailor for our family ever since we were young and I always walk away happy when she does my clothes! Trust!

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