Check For Broken Links on Your Raffle Webpages to Save Those Ticket Sales!

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With everything going on in your organization your website is probably going through changes on a daily or weekly basis.
New articles, projects, stories, personnel changes and so on get added or removed.
With all those changes it is very easy to break links on the site and not realize it until later.
Sometimes much later.
I know this happens because I do it all the time, however it's pretty easy to remedy.
Even if you are not the one that maintains the site make sure you do a check of all your raffle related links at least once a week.
Normally you will only have one or two.
Just follow the normal flow anyone would follow to find out information about your raffle, to download a Word Document or PDF flyer, and to purchase tickets online.
If you find a broken link get ahold of your webmaster and get it fixed up! Or you can check this neat little site, 2Bone.
com, which has a free online lick checker.
Put in your website address and they'll run a check on all your internal links.
If one's broken it'll show up! This sounds simple and even trivial but it does happen and it can and will effect your ticket sales.
Keep in mind that your average web surfer has a very short attention span ...
measured in seconds.
If they run across a broken link when looking for raffle info chances are they'll be off to somewhere else.
On top of that think of the trust issue.
If you are asking someone to spend $5, $20 or $50 on a raffle ticket they want to fell good about you, your organization and the raffle in general.
A simple stupid thing like a busted link can really have an adverse effect on that persons trust of the whole thing.
They may think, "They can't even keep their website together...
how can they run a raffle?" It is hard enough to attract ticket buyers to your organizations website.
Make sure you are not driving them off before they buy a ticket!
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