3 Practical Uses for a Tin Drinking Cup

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It may seem simplistic in nature, but there are a lot of practical uses for tin cups.
They come in a variety of sizes - ranging from minuscule to oversized - and are designed for many purposes.
While the history of the tin cup specifies that the cup was designed for drinking purposes, like many other historical items the cup has evolved and is now used for a myriad of purposes.
Uses for Tin Drinking Cups The history of the tin cup dates back further than the 19th century in which it was used mainly for war purposes as a way to provide drinks among soldiers who were on the battlefield.
In the centuries since, the tin cup has evolved and is now used for many different purposes, although it is still used as a drinking cup in many war re-enactments.
  • One of the most common uses for tin cups is for drinking purposes.
    Many campers take these cups with them because they are easy to clean and virtually indestructible in a wilderness environment.
    While the tin cups may get dings or dents occasionally, it does not destroy the structure of the cup and may even provide a bit of historical charm as people remember the trips it was taken on.
    Tin cups prove to be versatile on the campgrounds and are better than bringing along paper cups that leave waste behind.
  • Before the invention of dining ware as it is now known, older generations - especially during wartime - used tin drinking cups as a form of drink ware.
    These cups are still used today in civil war re-enactments, which are very popular in the United States.
    The tin cups are used as a prop in these re-enactments as a means of portraying history to show how soldiers lived in these eras.
    Tin cups are also considered collectibles by many people who go in search of civil war memorabilia.
  • Many people like the look of tin drinking cups and have no real practical use for them except for as a pen holder.
    Crafters love these cups for their capability of holding small craft supplies such as paintbrushes or crochet hooks.
    These types of cups have made an appearance in the crafter's home because of their versatility and storage purposes.
    They are also portable, making them easy for crafts on the go.
There is no mistaking that the tin drinking cup has evolved from a simple drinking cup in historical times to having a practical use in the everyday home.
Whether you display the cup because you like the look or you put it to use as a pen holder, there are no shortages of ways that the cup can be used.
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