An All-In-One Bargain

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The Pixma MX860 is an all-in-one printer perfect for any office, whether in a professional or home setting.
One of its most important capabilities is the ability to be both wired or wireless.
Wireless printing allows many printers to use one printer without a tangle of cords.
Amazon customers agree that this feature is great: 5 out of 5 customer reviews rave about the wireless! All of these people say it is much more convenient and easier than a traditional, wired printer.
Some customers, about 2 out of 5, have had problems with setting up the wireless.
Fortunately, there is a great customer service line dedicated to helping anyone with problems, which many of these people have been helped by.
This printer beats anything else for the price in convenience and support.
Additionally, the MX860 has amazing print quality.
Amazon customers, 4 out of 5, have been amazed by the prettiness of printed text and photos.
Photos are noted to come out as if they were professionally done; truly a plus for any person needing to print at home! While 4 customers are pleased with the quality, 2 of them are not so happy with the slowness.
These people have had problems with the Pixma MX860 not printing as fast as similar printers.
However, it is simply a small trade-off: great quality for less quantity.
Please note that changing settings and features on the actual printer can speed it up to a degree.
Someone of the customer service team can easily guide anyone through the settings.
The price of this printer beats anything else on the market, even on Amazon.
With the beautiful printing, many convenient features, and wireless capability, the MX860 is a true bargain.
Nearly 5 out of 5 Amazon customers agree with this: prices are small and the printer runs as if it was much more expensive.
As with anything else, some customers have mentioned a problem.
Ink is expensive, whether it be for this or any other model, and some people have complaints with the price of the MX860 ink.
Fortunately, there is a solution: change some of the printing settings so it uses less ink.
This will make sure ink isn't needed nearly as often.
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