Key Trends In Footwear Fashion For Winter 2012

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Winter is coming. We really don't want to remind anybody of it, but it is on its way. To avoid the winter blues, you have to look at the bright-side, and for us, the bright-side is most definitely fashion, and in particular, footwear fashions. Winter is the time when we get to wear our boots, and if there's one thing we can tell you, it's that we love boots. Here, we will take a closer look at some of the styles of boots that are set to be big fashion for winter 2012.

Boot Height
Looking at the collection by many of the leading fashion designers, we can see two key trends in boots this year, in terms of their height, at any rate. We have a choice between high boots, which finish just below the knee, and ankle boots, that finish just where the calf starts. These are the two key fashions for boot height in 2012. As long you choose one of these two lengths, then you will definitely be on trend this season. There seem to be no in-betweeners on sale this season.

By far the clearest of trends is the relaxed look of the majority of the boots available. There is a key trend towards slouch boots. We love this trend, because it lends to an easy going, relaxing atmosphere. For instance, if you look at the Fly boots, Fly London Yust Black, they perfectly reflect the slouch trend, they even have an adjustable lace opening at the back, to create an even slacker effect. The key this year is to show off about how easy going and relaxed you are, and a pair of slouch boots offers the perfect opportunity to do this.

As well as the slouch effect, there are several other types of embellishment popular this year. Oversized buckles are a big fashion, and you will find many examples of footwear that combine both slouch and buckle. Laces and tassels (but more on this below) are also fairly cool this year, as well as some types of studding.

Patterns and Colours
Ok, so let's start first with the tassels. Tassels are not part of a single trend, but part of the overall Aztec trend that we are going to see. Aztec came in last year, but it is here to stay for a while. Any shoes that have an element of the Aztec about them are bound to be in fashion. If in doubt, then, for 2012, go Aztec.

Of course, autumn and winter colours are going to be in this season. Browns, mahoganies, blacks, camels, etc. if you want to spice the winter up a little, by adding a flash of colour, then you can do with the Fly boots, Yari Red, these are bright pink, and to wear them you definitely have to be brave.

Another big trend this year is cowboy. Any boots that cast allusions to the cowboy world will prove very popular this year.
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