What to Take on an Outdoor Climbing Expedition

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A hiking or climbing weekend in the winter months can be extremely embracing however it is important to pack the right equipment due to colder weather. An outdoor pursuit can easily go wrong if insufficient equipment is available. Colder weather is more of a challenge and warmer clothing is essential.

Plenty of equipment is available to help make your trip more enjoyable regardless of the weather conditions. If you enjoy a challenge outdoor hiking or climbing during the winter will certainly provide you with that. Climbing walls indoors are brilliant for practicing climbing any time of the year however nothing compares to climbing outside. One way to ruin an outdoor climbing expedition is to go along unprepared.

Clothing is important it needs to be lightweight with many layers so that you can add on or take off depending upon the temperature. Your backpack should be compact and comfortable to wear as well as being able to carry enough equipment.

Climbing clothing should not be restrictive as you will need to be as flexible as possible. Safety is at the heart of a successful climbing expedition so no flared trousers this will only hamper your attempts. You will need suitable climbing shoes and a helmet - depending upon the extent of your climb you may choose not to wear a helmet although it is highly recommended to do so. If you wear thermal underwear and warm clothing for your body this will help to keeps your core warm leaving arms and legs free to move easily when climbing.

Other equipment you will require is to help you climb and navigate the rocks. If you are an experienced climber you will be familiar with all of the usual climbing equipment including top ropes and other protective gear.

If you are a novice, maybe you should go climbing with a professional leader who will have all of the gear and be experienced at safe-guarding the area. You will need a belay device which is used to operate ropes and control them during a climb.

Other equipment required for traditional outdoor climbing includes a harness, some nuts and hexes, slings, camming devices and nut tools. It is also a rather good idea to take a map and a climbing guide of the area to prevent you becoming lost on unknown terrain. Food and drinks are last but not least as time passes by quickly when you are having fun - energy gel fuel packs can help to give you a boost. Warm tea can be essential to refresh you and warm you up.
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